Custom GPTs – AI Powered ISO Compliance management

Open AI’s ChatGPT has revolutionised our approach to the fast-paced AI future, however its present applications may make it appear insignificant, dull, and less powerful than the “AI revolution” would have you believe. Now, a businesses’ approach to ISO compliance management may undergo a dramatic shift with the advent of custom GPTs, the next stage in the development of an all-encompassing and potent AI-powered workspace.

What is a Custom GPT?

Personalised GPTs are variants of the initial GPT concept that have been modified or adjusted to suit specific needs. In contrast to the generic pre-trained GPT models, which can handle a broad range of tasks thanks to their training on various data, custom GPTs are fine-tuned to excel in certain domains, tasks, or languages. Anyone in the community can take part in this training because it is user-driven. As a result, databases containing things like spreadsheets, document templates, and reports can be created and tailored to both specific industries, and businesses. You can enhance a custom GPT’s capabilities by integrating it with other programs and emails. This is especially useful for ISO compliance since it can comprehend data necessary to implement ISO compliance and industry-specific requirements. Imagine a little assistant developed with your company’s ISO compliance needs in mind.

Applications across industries for ISO compliance management

The additional training that custom GPTs receive makes them useful in many different fields. Businesses can train it to understand their industry and then use that knowledge to analyse and generate data that is extremely relevant to their needs. Reading and comprehending hundreds of hours of paperwork may be accomplished in a matter of minutes, which is one of the nice things about training an AI.  For example, in the manufacturing industry it can help the development of risk management strategies, quality control methods, and documentation that complies with regulations. Cleaning and property management businesses could benefit from bespoke GPTs in a number of ways, including the creation of environmental impact reports, insight into client satisfaction, and the completion of compliance audits. Or in civil construction, Gap analysis (comparing present practices to requirements of ISO standards), risk assessment, and the creation of training materials that adhere to ISO standards are all areas where these models can be useful.

This lets you get back to doing what you did when you began your business—focusing on what really matters—rather than spending all your time worrying about updating compliance reports—all thanks to Custom GPTs’ industry-specific data production and the expertise of ISO related duties.

Company Specific GPTs

The capacity to develop and train internal GPTs that are unique to each organisation is a powerful feature of custom GPTs. With this capability, businesses may tailor Chat GPT to meet the needs of certain departments by using internal data and use cases. To make the most of ChatGPT’s text generation and language processing capabilities, a company specific GPT can become an expert in your company’s values, workflow, and content generation. Some of the many company-specific activities that a custom GPT can complete include creating training procedures, summarising impact reports, and filling out template documents. These are specifically engineered to automate the wide range of duties that can be generated by ISO compliance and can be automatically verified for conformity.

Incorporating personalised GPTs

To improve ISO compliance, custom GPTs study the company’s knowledge base and related ISO standards. This allows them to provide targeted documentation and do additional activities like internal audits and gap analyses. By learning the company’s principles and processes, they may automate data input, training, and email responses, greatly easing the burden of upholding ISO standards—in essence, they become virtual employees!

If you’re considering moving from a traditional documented system to a cloud-based solution and could benefit from the use of custom GPTs, contact ICS to find out more about how we help develop customised cloud-based management systems and transition paper-based systems to the cloud!

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