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What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides support to eligible Australians with a significant and permanent intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive or psychosocial disability. The NDIS also provides assistance to the carers and families of those people with disability. Within the next five years, it is estimated the NDIS will provide around 500,000 Australians aged under 65 with funding for supports and services in their communities – including doctors, support groups, schools, libraries, sporting clubs and more. 

NDIS Commission & NDIS Practice Standards

The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission (NDIS Commission) is an independent agency that exists to regulate and improve the quality and safety of the care, supports and services delivered by NDIS providers. 

While not all providers need to register with the NDIS Commission to provide services which are fully funded by the NDIS, registration does come with certain advantages. For NDIS participants, using registered providers offers some assurance that the provider’s services and supports continue to meet the level of quality and safety outlined in the NDIS Practice Standards and NDIS Rules. In addition, only registered providers are able to claim invoices from the NDIS directly. 

The NDIS Practice Standards are the minimum expectations of service delivery andconsist of a core module and several supplementary modules. The NDIS Commission is responsible for providing this nationally consistent framework and ensuring that registered NDIS providers meet the NDIS Practice Standards. 

What Are the Requirements for NDIS Registration?

The NDIS Commission requires registered NDIS providers to have audits conducted by ‘Approved Quality Auditors’. These audits are designed to ensure the mandated quality and safety safeguards are maintained and consistently adhered to. 

NDIS Compliance: How to Meet the Requirements

To meet the NDIS Commission’s requirements for registration and renewal, your organisation must undertake one of the following quality audits against the applicable NDIS Practice Standards: 

  • Verification Audit: For providers delivering lower risk or less complex services. This audit can usually be completed off-site.
  • Certification Audit: For higher risk, more complex services and supports. This audit is required to examine a provider’s governance and operational management processes, along with its ability to deliver safe and quality services. 

NDIS providers need to deliver a completed self-assessment – supported by evidence documents such as policies and procedures – to their assigned auditor for review. To ensure your Certification is renewed, an assessment to the NDIS Practice Standards must be conducted every 3 years prior to the registration expiring. ‘Certified’ organisations may also need to conduct a mid-term audit to ensure continuing compliance with the NDIS Practice Standards. 

How Does ICS Consulting Help NDIS Providers?

At ICS Consulting, we support NDIS providers seeking to comply with the NDIS Practice Standards. Our team of expert NDIS consultants is ready to either set up a new Quality Management System or develop your existing system to be compliant with the requirements. This in turn helps your organisation prepare for and pass the audits conducted by the NDIS Commission’s Approved Quality Auditors. 

We can assist with your self assessment, perform a gap analysis to see where your existing system may need updates to meet the NDIS standards, and complete the required ongoing internal audits for you as well. 

Our consultants may specialise in standards, but their approach goes above and beyond. Rather than simply providing the necessary documents ‘off the shelf’ along with an explanation over the phone of how they actually work, we spend quality time working with your business and current practices to find the gaps and fill them with valuable and efficient solutions. 

Once your professional NDIS consultant has helped your organisation implement the right systems, you will be ready to arrange and pass either a ‘Provisional Audit’, ‘Verification Audit’ or ‘Certification Audit’ depending on your circumstances and requirements. 

You can trust our consultants to guide you step-by-step through the processes of becoming compliant and audit-ready. Why is this important? Because compliance integrity and certification clearly demonstrate your organisation’s dedication to delivering safe and exceptional NDIS supports and services.

Register as an NDIS Provider

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