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ISO Internal Audits

  • What is an ISO Internal audit or a supplier audit?
  • Why should we get our system audited by an ISO Internal Auditor?

An ISO internal audit is an opportunity to check your business system to make sure it is working properly BEFORE you are assessed by a certification body. Generally, an internal auditor for ISO will check your business management system against:

  • The ISO standard (e.g. ISO 9001 (sometimes called ISO 9000), ISO 14001, AS/ NZS 4801, HACCP/ ISO 22000 or an Integrated Management System)
  • Observation of your own internal processes to ensure you are heading in the direction you say you are aiming for

The ISO consultant will then document their findings and make suggestions of actions to improve in the audit report.
Click HERE to see a sample ISO internal audit report.

An internal audit of a quality management system or a supplier quality audit is performed to answer some of the following questions:

  • Are you meeting the ISO standard requirements in order to pass your next external audit?
  • Are you efficient and effective in what you do in your business?
  • Is your business doing what it says it does?
  • Are there any unidentified hazards?
  • Is risk being managed effectively?
  • Are your controls effective?
  • Do your products conform to any required specifications?
  • Is your management system complete, established and effective?
  • Are you and your suppliers meeting the standards required by you and your customers?

Why should we get our system audited by an ISO Internal Auditor?

  • Performing a quality assurance review or internal audit on your company can provide you with valuable information about how to streamline your systems, minimize waste, manage risk and increase efficiency.
  • Having an ISO internal audit done frequently is also a requirement for achieving certification to most ISO standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS/ NZS 4801 or HACCP/ ISO 22000.
  • ISO consultants who are experienced in your industry can provide you with a unique independent perspective on your business processes and help you to solve long-standing problems and prevent future ones without engaging in lengthy and costly internal projects.

What are the benefits of getting your ISO internal audit or supplier audit done by a consultant?

  • Saved staff time and resources: Experienced specialists will audit your whole system in a fraction of the time your company would take freeing up your employees to do the core work of the business.
  • Reduced costs: Using consultants reduces the investments required in training staff- especially when Standards change or personnel leave.
  • Confidentiality: High level management documents can be appropriately assessed by external consultants where it would be inappropriate for other staff in the company to do so.
  • Independence: Our professional consultants will be able to assess the gaps in your system without getting involved in company politics.
  • A fresh perspective: Consultants can offer a helicopter view and fresh input particularly where no solutions seem apparent to a chronic problem.
  • A way forward: Your consultant can document a range of business improvement suggestions in the internal audit report with action items for you to follow step by step.

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