Take Your Business Further With a Cloud-Based Integrated Management System

In the past, a business couldn’t be blamed for using a paper-based quality management system (QMS) involving countless documents and clunky procedures – although the presence of genuine ‘quality’ might have been debatable. After all, digital alternatives simply didn’t exist and organisations worked with what was available. 

However, with the existence of sophisticated online tools, and especially when working remotely has become so widespread, there are very few valid reasons to manage business systems or attempt to streamline workflows using a paper-based system. These days, for the ‘Q’ to belong in the QMS, your business should ideally be employing a completely paperless/electronic integrated management system (IMS). Moreover, this solution should be available online and easy to maintain. And it should be able to do everything you need, from wherever you are. 

Benefits of cloud-based IMS

The benefits of digital IMS are comprehensive and powerful. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • The ability to manage compliance in the field
  • Improved administrative, communication and employee efficiency 
  • Increased productivity and improved communication through automated processes
  • Access to real-time data, information and insights remotely
  • Freedom and flexibility of employees being able to work remotely
  • Customers impressed by communication and reporting systems
  • Scalability for your business to grow
  • A built-in disaster recovery plan.

Compliance software solutions

When it comes to compliance and efficient business management, digital integrated management systems are now leading the way across industries. Any business looking for a simplified method of meeting and demonstrating its compliance requirements could benefit from a cloud-based, end-to-end compliance solution package.

If you operate a business in a highly regulated industry – and even more so if you find yourself missing out on tenders for key government or large commercial contracts – implementing a simple, cost-effective digital IMS can help your business get (and stay) compliant. Increasingly customers are looking for evidence of reliability and the reassurance of robust systems backed up by robust evidence-based reporting. An online IMS with sophisticated reporting and communication tools can give you the edge in competing for sought-after tenders and contracts.

Demonstrating compliance is not a case of drawing a line from one point to another. It’s a multi-faceted process that requires the right tools in the right hands. An effective cloud-based IMS is able to deliver comprehensive services in one all-encompassing package for managing (at a minimum): 

  • Workflows and documents
  • Compliance, legal obligation, licence and permit registers
  • Incidents and actions 
  • The risk of potential impacts to the business
  • Asset maintenance 
  • Industry-specific audits and inspections 
  • Contractors, employees and suppliers 
  • Meetings and agendas
  • And ideally much more

Digital IMS+ – the ultimate in cloud-based compliance

Working closely with regulatory authorities and peak industry bodies, Integrated Compliance Solutions has developed a comprehensive, cloud-based, industry-specific compliance package that enables your business to automate tender, registration, licensing and certification requirements in one convenient paperless system. 

It’s called Digital IMS+ and it might be the integrated management system your business needs to run daily operations, build quality and improve performance across sales, customer support, marketing, administration and finance operations.

Our exclusive Digital IMS+ package: 

  • Delivers certification to relevant ISO standards
  • Gets you compliant in 90 days (assuming prompt completion of tasks required for certification by client)
  • Lets you tender for government and commercial contracts
  • Is fully customised to your business needs
  • Includes all SOPs and legal requirements

With Digital IMS+ you can:

  • Monitor every aspect of your business in real-time using dashboards
  • Enhance your team communication with live updates 
  • Effortlessly manage your risk register, legislation register, staff and contractor register, and chemical register
  • Complete forms and upload images on the go 
  • Maximise business performance through workflow automations 
  • Quickly and easily search for anything across all your data
  • Impress customers with the most efficient systems and compliance.
  • And much more…

Take your compliance to the cloud or contact us now to learn more about Digital IMS+. 

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