Teaching an old ERP new tricks

Turning legacy systems into modern enterprise collaboration applications.

Many organisations feel unable to serve changing business needs like better collaboration, internet enabled anywhere access and mobility with their legacy ERP systems.

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Integrated Compliance Solutions forms strategic alliance with MIA Consulting Services

MIA ConsultingTo enhance our support of clients seeking to experience significant growth in their businesses, Integrated Compliance Solutions has formed a strategic alliance with MIA Consulting Services. With the launch of this alliance, ICS is delighted to be able to give our clients access to MIA Consulting Services’ insider knowledge about tendering, with a particular focus on helping clients developing specific strategies to consistently win more government business and large corporate tenders.

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Don’t give up: You CAN win government tenders

A mantra I find myself repeating frequently to clients is that any business of any size can win government work if they can demonstrate persistence, focus and patience.

Success in government can happen but it takes time. The key is to just keep going and not lose faith or focus.

To illustrate this I want to share the experience of one of our clients – a small to medium enterprise (SME) with up to 20 staff in the ICT (digital strategies) space.

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Don’t Overlook Social Compliance Audits

Are social compliance audits really necessary? What are the risks of not considering social compliance?

In an earlier article, we responded to the commonly asked question, “what is a social compliance audit?” Steve Mogentale, head of Client Services at InTouch, offered insight into social compliance audits first in a video segment ofInterview with an Expert, then in an extended podcast interview. In this article that covers part two of the podcast, Steve tells us why manufacturers and importers should care about social compliance audits.

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6 Steps to Supplier Quality Development

“The buyer needs a hundred eyes; the seller but one.” This Italian proverb gets right to the heart of a problem all importers face. How do you find and develop quality suppliers? You’ll need to watch all of your current and prospective suppliers in order to drive supplier quality development and avoid problems.

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Get the Competitive Edge with Lean Six Sigma

Regardless of your industry, the business world grows more competitive each year. Everyone is tightening their belts, reigning in budgets, and looking for ways to do more with less. Unless you follow suit, your company will not be able to keep up, much less surpass your competition. To break out and become a leader in your industry you need an edge that will give you a competitive advantage over your competition. Successful, thriving companies gain that edge by finding a way to involve their employees in streamlining their operations to produce products that exceed their customers’ expectations.

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