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– What are my obligations as a business under OHS legislation

OHS Legislation & Legislative Requirements

Here is a useful overview of all the elements of the OHS legislative requirements for employers.

Here is a link
to a really useful summary of what the changes will mean for your business.

(Source: AI Group website.)

What’s the minimum that I need to do to meet all my OHS/WHS obligations?

It is now a national requirement for your business to carry an ‘OHS/WHS Health & Safety Management System’ that complies with the Act and Regulations. The WHS Act requires a system to be an active component of your business’ workplace culture. Here is a link to a useful summary of what you need to cover in order to meet legislative requirements.

ICS can also help you set up a low cost WHS/ Occupational Health & Safety Management System that will meet all the minimum OHS legislation and Worksafe requirements on a low cost, low fuss manner.

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What’s the latest on WHS Harmonisation and what does it mean for my business?

Arguably, Victoria has always had some of the most rigorous OHS legislation in Australia under the Victorian OHS Act. The Victorian Government has stated that is has chosen NOT to adopt the National WHS harmonization laws, as the costs would outweigh the benefits.

As a result, for the foreseeable future, Victoria will continue to require all business to be compliant to the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004.

If your business trades interstate or between states, it is important to understand the WHS and OHS legislation that will apply to any personnel operating between states.

You may be required to develop an Occupational Health and Safety Management System that covers the Victorian laws AND the WHS harmonisation laws.

ICS can assist you to achieve compliance both with the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Laws and the new harmonised Work Health and Safety Laws.

How do I find out about OHS Legislation that I have to comply with?

For an overview of the ohs legislation and codes and practices that apply to all business, click here:

WorkSafe Victoria Laws and Regulations

For a really good comparison of the requirements of the WHS laws vs the Victorian laws, click here:

WHS / OHS Laws – Comparison Summary – (Australian Industry Group)

What’s the difference between Safe Work Australia and Worksafe Australia?

About SafeWork Australia:

Safe Work Australia is an agency of approximately 100 staff work together with members to deliver the objectives identified in Safe Work Australia’s strategic and operational plans.

SafeWork Australia works to:

  • coordinate and develop national policy and strategies;
  • assist with the implementation of model work health and safety legislation and reform the legislative framework;
  • undertake research; and
  • collect, analyse and report data.

About WorkSafe:

Worksafe Victoria is an independent state-based organisation whose stated aims are:

SafeWork Australia works to:

  • help avoid workplace injuries occurring;
  • enforce occupational health and safety laws;
  • provide reasonably priced workplace injury insurance for employers;
  • help injured workers back into the workforce; and
  • manage the workers’ compensation scheme by ensuring the prompt delivery of appropriate services and adopting prudent financial practices.

There are equivalent organisations in all states of Australia including Worksafe in ACT, NT and WA.


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