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Quality Management Systems

Our Quality Management Systems Consultants help your business comply with your relevant Quality Management Standard.

At Integrated Compliance Solutions, we help mature businesses develop and maintain Management Systems that make use of what’s already working well. Our expert team not only know the standards but we also know business, and have experience in working across a number of Australian industries.

The types of Quality services that our team can offer include:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System: At Integrated Compliance Solutions, we are specialists in ISO 9001 certification, the International Quality Standard that is the world’s most recognised quality framework. We can help implement the Standard across all industry types so that your organisation can achieve consistency in business processes, reduce waste and increase customer confidence.
  • ISO 13485 2016 Quality for Medical Devices: ISO 13485 certification (2016) is the new revision of the Medical Devices Quality standard, published to replace ISO 13485 2003. Integrated Compliance Solutions can help manufacturers implement the 2016 ISO 13485 certification before the deadline of March 2019.
  • AS9100 Management System: At Integrated Compliance Solutions, we specialise in developing and maintaining AS 9100 Quality Management Systems for suppliers to the aerospace industry throughout Australia, with the purpose of helping them to achieve ISO certification and (IAQG) registration.
  • TS16949 Quality Automotive: ISO TS16949 is an internationally recognised standard applicable to organisations involved in the manufacture of cars, trucks, (light, medium or heavy), buses and motorcycles as well as the relevant Service and Parts Organisations. Integrated Compliance Solutions can help your company implement, develop or maintain the certification.

Benefits of Obtaining a Quality Management Standard

Implementing a quality management system has an affect on every aspect of your business performance. It helps your business to meet customer requirements, which helps to instil confidence in the company. Also, you are ensuring your business complies with legislative regulations and provides products and services in a cost effective and and resourceful manner, which helps with strategic business growth.

Some of the other benefits of obtaining a Quality Management Standard include:

  • Increased efficiency and reduction of waste
  • Improved control of business processes
  • More comprehensive understanding of customer needs
  • Improved risk management
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Greater communication internally
  • Improved consistency product and service quality
  • Competitive edge
  • Creating a whole business culture of quality
  • Increased profits and reduction of costly errors

How ICS Consultants can Help You with Your Quality Management System

At Integrated Compliance Solutions, we specialise in helping businesses develop and maintain lean, practical Quality Management Systems that meet both their needs and their budget.

Our team of experts have worked with a number of businesses to help them develop effective compliance systems and solutions. Integrated Compliance Solutions can assist your business with the following:

  • Integrating all your ISO standards (where possible) to create combined management systems
  • Customising your Quality Management solution to meet your business’ unique needs so that you can minimise change in the organisation
  • Supplying user-friendly tools that can be maintained or updated as your business evolves
  • Saving your business time and resources by limiting duplication of documents

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