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Qualifying for Victorian Government tenders is a key issue for many construction businesses. At Integrated Compliance Solutions, we work with businesses seeking to gain a competitive edge through certification standards important to their clients and stakeholders.

We make applying for/achieving Construction Supplier Register pre-qualification easy

Don’t know where to start with your Construction Supplier Register pre-qualification? We can help. Our experienced team of Construction Supplier Register consultants can get you eligible to tender for Government construction projects quickly and easily.

What is the Victorian Construction Supplier Register?

The Construction Supplier Register (CSR) is the pre-qualification scheme for building contractors and consultants interested in obtaining work from Victorian Government departments and agencies.

The Construction Supplier Register:

  • Applies clear and consistent assessment standards to establish the eligibility of suppliers to compete for work with the Victorian Government.
  • Sits in the Department of Treasury and Finance, providing all departments with a reliable source of information about pre-qualified suppliers.

This register is a must for businesses wanting to supply construction services to the Victorian Government. Local Councils can also access the CSR for construction-related procurements.

What are the benefits of being on the Construction Supplier Register?

Obtaining pre-qualification on the Construction Supplier Register:

  • Increases your business’ opportunity to be invited to tender for Victorian government projects
  • Streamlines and lowers the cost of tendering for projects
  • Reduces the number of invited tenderers competing for projects
  • Ensures that supplier information is available to all Victorian Government departments and agencies

Did you know many government construction projects are only open to businesses with pre-qualification on the Construction Supplier Register?

If your business is not registered on the relevant government pre-qualification schemes, you may not be invited (or indeed eligible) to respond to a request for quotation or tender.

Who can apply for pre-qualification on the Construction Supplier Register?

The Construction Supplier Register pre-qualifies legal entities. Companies, partnerships and sole traders may apply for pre-qualification.

For contractors, pre-qualification is limited to head building contractors and does not include sub-contractors, single trades or materials suppliers.

For consultants, pre-qualification is available to a variety of specialists including architects, project managers, engineers and technical specialists.

What’s involved in getting pre-qualified for the Construction Supplier Register?

Using a simple checklist approach to analyse your business, our experienced Construction Supplier Register consultants can establish your eligibility and then complete the requirements for you to pre-qualify, quickly and easily. Whether your business needs a little bit of help, or a lot, we have an option to suit your needs.

What are the pre-qualification criteria for the Construction Supplier Register?

For Contractors:

  • Occupational Health & Safety capability
  • Industrial Relations management
  • Financial viability and strength
  • Demonstrated experience and a history of completing projects of more than $200,000
  • Current relevant Building Practitioner Registration

For Consultants:

  • Suitable formal qualifications and/or registration by the regulating body
  • Demonstrated experience and a history of successfully completing projects of a suitable complexity
  • Professional indemnity insurance, where needed
  • Occupational Health & Safety capability

Why use Integrated Compliance Solutions for your Construction Supplier Register pre-qualification?

Using industry experts, Integrated Compliance Solutions removes the pain and administrative burden from gaining pre-qualification to the Construction Supplier Register. Bringing a no-fuss approach to documenting compliance, Integrated Compliance Solutions makes conformance easy.

About Integrated Compliance Solutions

Integrated Compliance Solutions has been operating across Australia since 2007. We specialise in compliance solutions for small to medium businesses across every sector.

Founded by Heather Bienefelt, the Integrated Compliance Solutions team draws on over 150 years of collective experience. We know about all aspects of compliance, including ISO, AS, TS, OHS and more.

We have experience working with businesses in several industries. Our consultants will help identify what it is that you need, develop a plan to get you there and support you in achieving those goals.

Our consultants have backgrounds in several areas, including education, engineering, technology, hospitality and science. We are determined to add value to your bottom line.

At Integrated Compliance Solutions we have firm values that are the foundation of the way we conduct business. Our values are as follows:

  • We believe in serving and supporting our clients, consultants, staff and stakeholders;
  • We conduct ourselves ethically at all times;
  • We believe in practicing excellence in all areas of our business;
  • We advocate a positive culture focused on cultivating strengths and finding solutions;
  • We aim to reduce complexity through integrated, efficient, effective systems;
  • We are dedicated to innovation, learning and the sharing of knowledge;
  • We believe in continuous improvement and productivity in terms of both business and personal growth;
  • We believe in acting in a socially conscious manner, that involves fostering dignity, equality and respect.

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